Heads Up! Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection

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Zoya’s released the colors for their Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection, read on to see a sneak peak of these bright summer shades!

I’m back in the blogging game. How ’bout that? My life is no longer on hold with studying for my exam and I can start painting my nails and blogging again. And it just so happens this pretty little press release was sitting in my inbox today as I sat down to catch up on all the updates and maintenance for this site that I’ve put off for a little too long. I’m still having nightmarish flash backs to my exam, especially since I don’t know if I passed or not, and won’t for a couple of months. Otherwise, I’ve got a brain chock full of ideas to paint my nails and a couple of products to test out sitting on my nail desk.

In the meantime I thought I’d share the upcoming Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 collection that’s releasing on May 15, 2017 at ZOYA.com. I’m writing this press release and my comments without any consideration that they’ll send them to me as press samples, so you know, these are my actual thoughts with no sort of compensation clouding my judgment.

Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection

Zoya Winnie Bottle


This is Winnie. A soft watermelon pink cream. I’ve been dreaming about bright pink summer nails lately and I think this fits the bill.

Zoya Etsy Bottle


This is Etsy. A muted fuchsia pink cream. You really can’t go wrong with a bright fuchsia color. I’ve always liked fuchsia. I even like saying and spelling the word fuchsia. Fuchsia. Fuchsia. Fuchsia. Such an interesting odd word.

Zoya Birdie Bottle


This is Birdie. A rich bubble gum pink cream.  It looks like a dated color, in my bratty opinion, but I guess I’d have to get my hands on it to say for sure.

Zoya Sonja Bottle


This is Sonja. A summery crimson red cream. A solid color for people that want to stay inside the box.

Zoya Mandy Bottle


This is Mandy.  A shimmery berry pink. Oh La La. Love this one. Shimmer isn’t always my favorite, but this photo definitely draws me in.

Zoya Lois Bottle


This is Lois. A rich magenta violet cream. Well. We all know a girl can’t have too many purple nail polishes. Another great purple from Zoya.

Zoya Sawyer Bottle


This is Sawyer. A soft taffy orange cream. I see this looking crummy on me, but I would guess on darker, warmer skin tones this will look amazing.

Zoya Cora Bottle


This is Cora. A muted coral cream. I think I could rock this over Sawyer, it definitely has possibilities.

Zoya Journey Bottle


This is Journey. A shimmering strawberry red. This color could span several seasons. The glimmery reds always call to me in the bottle, but oddly I never wear them! I should though.

Zoya River Bottle


This is River. A shimmering cobalt blue. Purdy, purdy, purdy.

Zoya Arbor Bottle


This is Arbor. A rich olive green cream. At first look it’s an odd color choice for summer, but goddamn I want this color. Immediately. And I hate Army green from my Air Force active duty days.

Zoya Scout Bottle


This is Scout. A shimmering moss green. Honestly, I think this is the stand out winner from this collection. I also want it NOW now Now now.

There you have it, the Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection from Zoya. There are a few new lipstick shades available as well. I have a few Zoya lipsticks, and I really do like them, they are creamy and hang on to my lips for a decent time. This collection launches May 15 on ZOYA.com.

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