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I have quite the pretty little holiday collection from Zoya today.  There are four brand new PixieDusts (matte), a shimmer and a duochrome.  Deeply saturated tones fill out this collection so that I am unable to actually announce my favorite.  

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I missed out on swatching the Seashells and Sunsets and chose to swatch a different collection than Urban Grunge, the two most recent 12-piece Zoya collections.  However, this Enchanted Holiday 2016 collection is the best mix of both those collections in a succinct 6-piece collection.

I love PixieDusts, I think they are the best long-running line/finish from the main stream brands. Its quite exciting to see Zoya pumping out ten new colors this year (six from the Seashells collection), considering I bought a couple dozen last year thinking they were discontinuing them!

Zoya Enchanted Holiday 2016 Collection Swatches

All polishes shown with one coat quick dry top coat. You’ll notice that the pixies are no-joke matte, even with a clear top coat they appear matte. Each polish is two coats.

Zoya Elphie. “A bewitching emerald green with a shimmery green sparkle.” So, does Elphaba from Wicked ever go by Elphie? I never saw the play but I read (most) of the book. This isn’t a color I’d wear daily, but yes, wow, what a beautiful deep green color.  Gimme that green.



Zoya Lorna. “A luscious berry with a sugary sparkle.” This is the kind of everyday-wear color that will go really well with many skin tones.



Zoya Saint. “A whimsical color-flip metallic with a periwinkle base. This is a lovely light toned polish for this collection. The shimmer in here is very pronounced which I dig.  It’s ever so slightly reminiscent of the balls to the wall China Glaze Pearl Jammin’.



Zoya Olivera. “A spell binding color-flip metallic with an indigo base.” I see, color-flip is universal Zoya-code to mean duochrome or shimmer. This is a fantastically amazing polish. I’m a big duochrome fan, and the opacity of this on the first run was perfectly dark (usually duos are light on pigment). Every light, every angle brings out a different look with this polish.



Zoya Waverly. “A brilliantly deep sapphire blue with sparkles.” A beautifully rich jewel-toned blue pixie. I think a lot of people will be drawn to this one.


Zoya Alice. “A captivation periwinkle with blue and magenta sparkles.” This, like Saint, is light and airy color to break up the dark colors in the collection. The multi-toned sparkles make this one the unique one in the bunch of pixies.



Overall Thoughts

I’m loving this Enchanted Collection and since it’s a mixed-up 6-piece set, it’s quite affordable all of you that Want All The Polish. I can’t pick just one because they all have their merits and I’m not letting go of any of them.  The Enchanted Collection is available now at Zoya.com.


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  • Arathael

    Gorgeous pix!!! I got the whole set!!