Easter Nail Art!

Easter weekend! This holiday means a lot more about family than religion for me.  My extended family always gathered (still does, I just don’t live near my family anymore) on Easter Sunday for brunch.  My sweet Grandpa had me going for years about seeing the Easter Bunny in the backyard.  Plus my mom always went all out with Easter decorations and egg hunts.   I just had a conversation with my mom the other day about what I brat I was on a couple Easter basket hunts when I was little.  Ahem….anyway, here’s an extra bonus Easter picture for all you dog lovers!Golden Retriever Easter

I made a base for my Easter nail art out three untried polishes and I liked all of them!  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Babe Blue is a really beautiful light blue with the barest of shimmers in the bottle that unfortunately does not translate applied to the nail.  Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Jokers Wild is a nicely formulated cool peach polish.  Essie Mint Candy Apple is just an amazing light teal color.  And lastly, the pink on my pinky is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Giant Peach.

Easter Nail Art Base Colors

For my nail art, I did try to make a bunny. I did a practice bunny on my thumb and it looked not so lovely, but I still went ahead with the main accent nail bunny and really screwed the pooch on it. I took it off and went with basic spring and Easter egg inspired designs.

Easter Nail Art

After I was done I went back to finish up my practice bunny to see if I could salvage it. And…I think I did a decent job of it, bot the greatest freehand in the world, but it will do.  Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend! Check out all of the other Easter Nail Art by looking through the N.A.I.L posts below!

Easter Bunny Nail Art

Revlon Rich Raspberry Dotticure

Today I have such a pretty drugstore polish for you called Revlon ColorStay Rich Raspberry. It is not new by any means – I picked it up from the “free to good home” table at a recent nail polish meet up.  For my nail art I ended up with a  beautiful dotticure with gold and white accents.

I think this might be one of my only Revlon ColorStay (non Gel-Envy) polishes so I do not have anything else to compare it to. The color is a perfectly classic and beautiful pinky purple crème, and it is nearly a one-coater with a nice formula. All night I kept thinking to myself “dang that looks nice.” However that was short lived; even after one day it was chipping with tip wear which is fairly unusual for a one day wear time for me. There is a special top coat that goes along with this ColorStay line, which I did not own – and it is not quick dry anyway.

Here is my mise en place:

Revlon Rich Raspberry, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost and Go for Gold, base/top coats

Revlon Rich Raspberry, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost and Go for Gold, base/top coats

A swatch of just the lovely Revlon Rich Raspberry:

Revlon Rich Rasperry Swatch

Revlon Rich Rasperry Swatch

After wearing this for a day I decided on a gold and white dotticure. For the dots I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost and Go for Gold nail polish. At first I did all of my nails in the dotticure which did not look appealing. Changing one nail to gold and one nail to white made the dotticure work and I was very happy with the final outcome. The final layer of Revlon Rich Raspberry dots on top of the gold and white added some wonderful depth to the overall look of the nail.

Rich Raspberry Dotticure

Rich Raspberry Dotticure

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Soft Pink and Hearts Nail Art

I have a dainty, slightly glittery, soft pink and hearts nail art today featuring Revlon and Cici & Sisi stamping plate.

As I was digging through my newly purchased clearance nail polishes I came across Revlon Brilliant Strength Embody which was a creamy white. I swatched it on my thumb and was really underwhelmed. Then I decided to put a few more layers on my nail and realized I could maybe make it work as a layering polish.

The other polish I selected was from way, way back in my nail polish history, as many as ten years probably. It came from my very small collection of polishes of which I entered my “nail addict” phase. I trashed a lot of my older polishes a couple of years ago because they all looked pretty sad and gloopy.  Turns out this Ulta Diva polish is a beautiful little pink jelly base with a whole lot of very small, shimmering pink glitters.

Ulta Diva and Revlon Embody
I layered it on top on the Revlon Embody white cream jelly and it provided for a beautiful mix of colors!

Revlon Embody_Ulta Diva manicure v3

After wearing this for a day, I had to do some stamping nail art on top of it. I could not decide what I wanted to do and I was limited on time so I pulled out my Cici & Sisi 002 stamping plate to find some hearts. My stamping mise en place:

Stamping Set Up Opi Sheer Tint_Konad Black

I also used a single image on the plate on my ring finger and added some simple lead lighting with OPI Sheer Tints Be Magentale With Me. Those OPI Sheer Tints are a gloopy gluey mess in my opinion, but happen to look pretty amazing in nail art.

Cici and Sisi 002 stamping nail art v3

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