Orly Sunset Strip Collection Holiday 2016


I’m already moving right along to my first Holiday 2016 nail polish collection, starting off with Orly Sunset Strip Collection.  At first look this collection might appear a bit hum drum, but once you dig in you’ll notice a careful curation of colors and finishes. I give it a big thumbs up as a nicely cohesive collection with multi-religion flare mixed in, read on for all the swatches (and my doggie makes a cameo too).  View Full Post

Born Pretty Store Water Decals — Blooming Flower Review

Born Pretty Store Water DecalsDid all of you get your fill of Thanksgiving Dinner? I sure did. It’s been a lazy few days off and I just love it. The weather’s been chilly, so I’ve been snuggled up on the couch for the past day re-watching Grey’s Anatomy, of all shows. I was a big fan when it first came out, I even own the first couple of seasons on DVD but lost interest after a bit. And those first couple of seasons are fantastic, I’m just not sure when it starts to take a turn? I know there were die hard fans up until the end, so I’m sure it didn’t completely flounce out. I guess I’ll find out, there are 11 seasons on Netflix, plenty of cozy couch time ahead of me this winter.

Born Pretty Store Water Decals Blooming FlowerToday’s post is all about these beautiful flower water decals from Born Pretty Store (use code QBG10 for 10% off). Born Pretty Store sent this Born Pretty Store Water Decals Blooming Flower (BP-W-19) set to me for free to review.  They look more paisley to me, but oh well.  I decided to try them over something other than white. I have found that if you don’t use these types of water decals from Born Pretty Store over white or a very neutral color, the colors of the decal either don’t show up or become distorted (see my earlier post). I did actually try these over a dark purple just to see, but the decal was completely lost. I settled on Orly Mirror Ball and I think it’s gorgeous. I really loved these.

Orly Mirror Ball and BPS BP-W19I finally feel like I have the hang of these things. I struggled with the first couple of packs. My trick is to cut the sides down to the approximate size before soaking — but even that doesn’t need to be exact. Soak the decal in water for a bit. Then slide them on my nails. I line up the edge with my cuticle and let all of extra decal hang off the free edge of my nail. If there is a lot of waste decal I’ll snip it off, but otherwise I just let it be. Then, I glob a whole bunch of top coat which smooths out any wrinkles, and actually eats up a decent amount of excess on the edges. There were a few nails that required almost zero cleanup in the end. It worked out really nicely. And what decal was left hanging over disintegrated with a touch of acetone.

Born Pretty Store BP-W19

Weird Cats

Wierd Cats Ninja Title
I saw this hehe021 cat stamping plate on Facebook and had to have it! I purchased it within minutes of seeing the post. When it arrived I was surprised by the tiny size, I only have one set of plates (Cici & Sisi Jumbo Set 1) which are large plates with larger graphics. The plate and the designs are so small on these type of plates. That’s my cat Ninja up there. He’s the opposite of a ninja — cuddly, clutzy, doofy lovebug.

hehe021 cat plate

I have been wanting to try out this taupe-y colored Orly Highlight and thought it was a good “kitty” color for these stamps.

Orly Highlight BottleA wonderful polish. It is a little bit more grey in the bottle than the warmer taupe it ends up as after it has dried, but still a great neutral and perfect for showing off the cat stamps.

Orly Highlight Nail Art

As for the designs on the plate, they were a little kookier than I remembered when I bought them. Seeing them in person, I was like “huh…those are strange designs.” I had some trouble as I got used stamping such small detailed designs, I practiced on about 8 fingers (three were re-done on my photo hand) because the shapes were always getting distorted on my highly curved nails.

Hehe 021 Stamping Wierd CatsEventually I got the hang of it, and I loved the way it turned out. Here’s my other cat Piglet, she was not being as photo-friendly as Ninja, so she stayed in the sun on her perch while I took the photo further away.

Cat Stamping Piglet

Good thing I liked it that much because I wore these for five days — busy week at work! Something about that Orly Highlight stuck on my fingers like its life depended on it — zero (zero!) chips for three days and then acceptable small chipping the other two. I love a polish that likes me. And…here’s the pinnable!

Wierd Cat pinnable