Sinful Colors Citrustwist Review and Nail Art

Sinful Colors Citrus Twist Bottle Picture

I picked up all three of these Sinful Colors Citrustwist polishes hoping they would be awesome jellies. I’ll save you the much trouble and just admit up front I really did not like them much. Ring the Belini was probably the best of the three, Horizon Shine was okay and Zest of Times is a sad excuse for an adult polish. All three of them reacted strongly to Seche Vite and shrank up noticeably and they also wore down really quickly, looking dull and less pigmented within 24 hours. I tried out pond mani’s with all three and the only one that didn’t look like a total train wreck was Ring the Belini.

Citrustwist Ring the Belini Nail Art

As part of the Crumpets Nail Tarts 52 Pick N Mix Challenge I attempted my first ever needle drag using Sinful Colors Horizon Shine and OPI Snow Me White. I didn’t use an actual needle, I found a small pen shaped nail art tool with a weird tip that wasn’t quite a dotting a tool and not quite a pin. I actually think its meant to be some sort of jewel picker.

Dragging Tool For Needle Drag

It’s one of those manis that looks better from afar. You know the ones that look kind of like crap up close but the colors meld together in a fun way at arms length?  Oddly enough the very first nail I did (left thumb, above) looked the best. My index finger turned out okay and then it just turned ugly from there, but salvageable.

Need Drag Nail Art faraway

Here it is close up and my official picture for Crumpets Nail Tarts! Check out the other bloggers nail drag nail art(or the other prompt is burgundy) in the links below.

Need Drag Nail Art faraway

As for Zest of Time I didn’t even take pictures of it. I tried it over white, on its own, as nail art. Nothing, its just terrible polish.