Sponged Rainbow

Infinite Ombre Formula X title

I love these long summer days. I put in a full day at work, relaxed in the cool darkness in the bedroom with some YouTube videos, painted my nails, did some minor organizing, typed away on the blog, completed an at-home fitness video and played around with my new beginner’s calligraphy set (new obsession). And how beautiful and inspiring is her blog?!

Today’s nails remind of a pack of skittles poured out on the table!  I was really inspired to play around with the Formula X Infinite Ombre nail art set (provided as press samples through Preen.Me VIP program), this is my third nail design using the set.  I liked my previous designs equally (watermarble, gradient), but this one was the easiest of the bunch. In the picture above you can see how much of Timeless Teal I’ve used. In today’s nail art I used the world’s simplest nail art technique.

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essie gel setter Top Coat Review

When oh when is the craze over gel-but-actually-just-like-regular-top-coat-but-we’re-going-to-make-you-think-that-its-just-like-gel-and-even-put-it-in-a-black-bottle-to-make-it-seem-like-the-fancy-pants-hybrid-UV-technology-is-going-to-help phase going to end? I think it’s a bunch of carefully crafted marketing mumbo jumbo regarding these hybrid oligomer/photoinitiator non-soak off “gel” polishes, especially when all the brands state that curing them in UV or LED lamps won’t change anything (except Sally Hansen Miracle Gel does make a claim that sunlight does help). I have a feeling these black bottled gel-polishes would do what they’re going to do even if you were hanging out in Alaska in the dead of winter surviving by candle light in the boonies.  Let’s get back to essie which hasn’t even bothered with the black bottle or light claims. I’ve tried out and written an essie gel setter top coat review today. 

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Formula X Infinite Ombre Watermarble

Infinite Ombre Title

I think I made it to the big leagues, this is my first press sample. (no? oh.)  Preen.Me contacted me awhile back asking me to be part of their Preen.Me VIP program. Preen.Me is a unique beauty site where artists upload looks then describe products and processes they used to create those looks.  Preen.Me then allows consumers to view the database of beauty pictures and they can buy all items described by the artist with a click of a button. This round of press samples from Preen.Me were these dynamic somewhat translucent polishes that pop over silver.

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