Drops of Jade

Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade

When I first started swatching I was like “yeesh” this is not a polish I like, but after a day or so it grew on me, big time. It was something about the black and white glitters looking odd with that teal. It was too much for me — but then I loved it!

Maybelline Drops of Jade swatch v2

Although I was not feeling the Maybelline Drops of Jade swatch and at first I was going to remove it without doing any nail art but I had some extra time play around and I was in the mood to dink around with nail polish. I chose this strange stamping design that looks a lot like the “location” icons on maps and such. Doesn’t it? It is from my ever amazing Cici & Sisi Jumbo Set 1 (the white set). If you do not have that set, go buy it. It is on Amazon for $30 and is available for prime shipping. It is so incredibly usable and versatile. All the stamping I have done up until now except for Weird Cats and Simple Yellow Stamping were all this set.

Maybelline Drops of Jade swatch v2Maybelline Drops of Jade Pin

Simple Yellow Stamping

This is one of the only three pictures of the Maybelline Bleached Neons I have for the blog. I swatched most of them, but I just was not super happy with their use as base colors. As watermarbling though…A-Maz-ZING! I have a Giveaway starting on Monday for the whole collection — do not miss it!

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons Citrus Collide Nail Art

Maybelline Citrus Collide was a pretty yellow, but not only was the application patchy, the actual color was patchy! Can you see the uneven white color? It looks like I used a white underneath, but I did not.

Maybelline Citrus Collide Nail art

The stamp is from my very first collection of Pueen plates. I used Pueen26 and you can just see the actual etching I used hidden under the reflection of the button enclosure below.

Pueen26 Stamping Plate

I loved how delicate these nails looked overall and I received a few compliments on them at work.

And here’s a pin:

Maybelline Color Show Citrus Collide Pin


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Giveaway! Maybelline Bleached Neons!

Giveaway Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons

I have a very exciting post today…my first Giveaway! I picked up the Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons not too long ago from Big Lots — there were so many of them I knew it would be perfect for a giveaway.

I see why everyone wants these: they watermarble beautifully! I have tried water marbling many times and had very little luck with even “tried and true” polishes…but with these I had no trouble at all. You can read my post from last week about them here.

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The giveaway prize includes all seven, unused colors from the Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons Collection: Citrus Collide, Pink Punch, Ultra Violet, Day Glow Teal, Coral Heat, Lime Accent and Bleached Peach. PLUS: I will throw in a nail polish bottle filled with liquid latex tinted to the winner’s color choice. I have a massive tub of the costume variety and more than I will use in about five years.


Giveaway ends June 15th at 11:59 PM EST. Open to Legal Residents (18 years of age or older) of the US only. Prizes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. Winner will be selected using Rafflecopter’s software and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.  The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary.  Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone. I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bleached Neons Watermarble

Maybelline Blead Neon Watermarble Title

I was finally able to get a watermarble to work out well! I have tried many times before, even with highly recommended collections (China Glaze Electric Nights) and had zero luck. I used tap water straight out of the faucet (no bottled water or waiting for it to be room temp). I dropped those babies in there and bam, first nail was miraculous! Be on the look out for my giveaway next week, right here on the blog, for the entire collection of Maybelline Bleached Neons!

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neon Watermarble Nail Art

The base color is Maybelline Day Glow Teal and the colors in the watermarble are Maybelline Day Glow Teal, Bleached in Peach and Lime Accent. I did not even try for this happen, but I am glad the lime/yellow took over the watermarble to allow everything to stand out against the teal/blue base nails. Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons Watermarble accent nail

The Bleached Neons collection as a whole for use as base colors, eh, they are not self-leveling and require 3-4 coats to even out the patchiness. Also, most of them dried a different color than they were in the bottle. The teal dried more blue, the lime more yellow, and in my previous post, the purple dried more pink.  But they are a dream for watermarbling! I did several watermarbles, but only snapped this picture. They were all beautiful though, I just did not take the time to edit the pictures because they were so similar. I plan to do more in the future though!

And the pin:

Maybelline Bleached Neons Watermarble Pin

Purple but actually pink

Recently I had to make a conscientious decision not to use the very last clean fork to dish up the cat’s daily dose of Fancy Feast, and instead use a spoon. I do not know about your household but spoons are never in short supply in our house. Forks though? Always grabbing the very last one with little bits of crumbs on it from the food that has fallen in the drawer since the last time I felt the need to clean it out.  For whatever reason my brain thinks forks are the superior utensil and I always reach for them first, but I should train myself otherwise — case in point the spoon actually worked better than the fork at getting all that cat crack out of the tiny tin.

Maybelline Bleached Neons Ultra Violet

Anyway, I was playing around with my Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons.  I have a giveaway for a whole set coming up in the next couple of week so stay tuned! This is Ultra Violet with some basic polka dots. In the bottle it was purple and then it dried pink.  Fake-out!