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Hidey ho, lovely neighbor! I’m back in the nail art game once again with a badass reverse stamping. And just in case you’re wondering, www.smackerlacquer.com is off the market for yet another year. I paid my annual domain fee the other day. So you know, just in case you wanted smack some lacquer in the future you’re out of luck for at least 365 more days. Loreal Blue My Mind Nail Art

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NEW L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Last Nailcolor (double-ended) Review

Loreal Infallible Pro-Last Nailcolor Endless Sea_Keep MagentaL’Oréal has finally launched its new Infallible Pro-Last Nailcolor in the United States, which is basically combining the double-ended polish and manicure system trends. I was not a fan of the Revlon version which is discontinued, but L’Oréal has marketed this product with traditional nail polish colors and quality application in mind rather than nail art, so maybe it will be better? And what’s the deal with the tinted top coat, is it quick dry, does the tinted color even do anything special? Keep reading to find out!

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Flower Dotticure with L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins

L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins Bottle v2

This has got to be one of my more favorite manicures in awhile. I have seen the flower dotticure all over social media lately as spring approaches and had to try it out myself with a base of L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins. It is ridiculously easy and effective little nail art technique!



Loreal Sexy in Sequins v3



Sexy in Sequins is part of the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Gold Dust Nail Color ollection (swatches courtesy of All Lacquered Up) that debuted as a holiday collection in 2013 — but it is part of the permanent display at the drugstores near me. It went on like a little wonder. One coat looked okay, but the full brilliance was evident with a second thin coat. It is a textured dark purple polish. One layer of top coat still left some texture, but not too much.


OMGhost_Lightening Bottles




For the nail art I added the dotticure flowers using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost and Lightening. I tried to make different sized flowers for a little visual appeal.




A second coat of topcoat smoothed out Sexy in Sequins. Here it is!

Loreal Sexy in Sequins Flower Dotticure


Lorea’l Dark Sides of Grey Review and Nail Art

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Lorea'l Dark Sides of Grey Nail Art


With the recent debut of the movie  I thought I would discuss Fifty Shades of Grey and share my recently purchased Lorea’l Dark Sides of Grey Masked Affair, Grey Corset and Miss Grey nail polishes.


I do not know anyone that liked Fifty Shades of Grey (you can buy the kindle version here and no one has to know…).  I get it – here is a typical scathing review of the book. I know that many people either cannot get over the content or the writing or whatever — I feel that way about plenty of bestselling authors.

Lorea'l Dark Sides of Grey Collage

There are several other polishes in the collection including a very light grey, dark grey and a few textured polishes.

FullSizeRender[2]Lorea’l Masked Affair is of course the nail polish that social media is raging over.  It does require a few coats to get to the opacity that I wanted, but it still applied well.

I am a major romance novel junkie so I have a lot to compare this book to and did actually like it.  I did not necessarily find it scandalous relative to other books I have read.  As for the terrible writing, of course I agree, actually I think I skipped entire sets of pages particularly in the latter books. What I do appreciate most about the book was her ability to take such a socially unacceptable topic and made it mainstream and socially acceptable. Overall she did something fascinating with this book and the massive sales data (and giggling throng of women in the movie theater with me!) is evidence of that fact.

The movie did a better job of cutting out the awkward content of the book, but it was still kind of awful overall. I do love to watch books come to life on the big screen and because of that I did enjoy the movie. Apparently E.L. James was a madwoman on set ensuring the movie was as accurate as possible, and it was as far as I could tell having read the book a couple of years ago.

Dakota Johnson was lovely in the movie and I hope she gets picked up for more movies. If it was not for her the movie would have been a complete failure.  Jamie Dornan’s acting as Christian was quite flat compared to his performance in The Fall.

Completely coincidentally I just finished watching The Fall, Series 1 on Netflix the week before. I had not paid attention to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie buzz before I entered the theater so in the opening scenes when I realized it was Dornan playing Christian Grey I was immediately excited. That tapered off after a bit because his acting was fairly lifeless. I loved Dornan in The Fall; he plays a sadistic, demented serial killer.  If you want to watch an extremely well done gruesome murder-detective television series you should go check it out. By the way, Jamie has turned down the role for any sequels.

Miss Grey and Grey Corset

Lorea’l Miss Grey is shimmery, almost metallic dark grey and Grey Corset is a dark blue matte that looks almost black on the nail. Miss Grey is a little finicky to avoid brush strokes and Grey Corset dries quick and a little thick so it is a hard to work with if you are not a speedy polisher. Miss Grey is my favorite from the Lorea’l Dark Shades of Grey nail polish of the three I purchased.

A lot of people feel this book glorifies sexual abuse. This article from The Atlantic Consent Isn’t Enough: The Troubling Sex of Fifty Shades, discusses this quite well. It is a long article, but there are bits and pieces to the very end that were worth reading. While abuse victims have my support, respect and empathy, neither my husband nor I really agreed with that issue.  Anastasia’s free will is alive and well throughout the story.  Additionally, a  study showed that many women have Fifty Shades of Grey-esque fantasies (note: the authors state this was not a perfectly represented population, but it still shows links in behavior).  They apparently like to read about it too.

If you want to read some better written romance novels I suggest you check out Romance Writers of America’s RITA Awards.  It is a great place to find a good read in the romance genre.

To get an idea of why the masses actually liked this book I suggest you read the five star reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey on Amazon. One person calls it a “dirty version of Cinderella meeting her prince.” I think that is fairly accurate for a variety of different reasons at varying depths of comprehension.

Here is my completed nail art using Lorea’l Dark Sides of Grey Masked Affair, Miss Grey and Grey Corset.

Lorea'l Dark Sides of Grey Nail Art


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