Mani Swap with Beauty’s Beauty Bombs!

China Glaze Can I Get An Untz Untz Nail Art 2Mani swap!

For my mani swap with Betty’s Beauty Bombs I decided to not only swap her mani, but also her post. We’re teaming up for an epic Cupcake Polish Unicorn Collection Giveaway so be sure to check out her blog and her mani swap post.

If I were to have let the planning up to my husband, I would have ended up with a Catalina Wine Mixer mock-up. Full tilt.


Instead, I planned a paddleboat trip on the Mississippi and it was hot and muggy and miserable.

PicMonkey Collage

(That’s me doing my best to be in control of Wyatt.)

There’s buckets of water and ice and cold towels just off camera. It was something like the hottest day of the entire year that day. We were excited about our venue which was a paddleboat on the Mississippi, and we made a big deal to scoot everyone onto the boat because “the boat has A/C!” (also, Wyatt is going for “old timey” no smile look)


The boat was roasting and the air conditioning was limited to what amounted to a couple of rinky-dink ancient looking window units attached to the ceiling. Way worse than outside. Our bad. The galley was the holding area for the aisle, so I was knocking back a drink or two with my dad and walked down the aisle barefoot. Wyatt waited patiently for me. Not worried or nervous at all.


And during our vows, my husband was dripping sweat down his chin. (those are the air conditioning units. Ugly and in all of the pictures of our vows, oh well, can’t think everything through)


Once we got underway the breeze and the evening cool down was all quite pleasant. Except we opened all the windows to help with the suffocation indoors and we let in a gajiligigohglglkjgllion bugs. I guess we weren’t supposed to open the windows because that’s what happens when there is one single beacon of light in a large area of river and wooded banks.


Anyway, Betty’s Beauty Bombs did a lovely blue gradient and since it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d do it up in several shades of green.

China Glaze S'More Fun_Treble Maker_Can I Get an Untz Untz Nail Art 3

This is some random white polish, China Glaze S’More Fun, China Glaze Treble Maker, and the glitter topper is China Glaze Can I Get an Untz Untz. My only complaint is that Untz Untz left a sizable amount of bubble behind, but that is due to me smashing the glitters around on my silicone mat to get rid of the random purple glitters that are in there.

China Glaze St Patrick's Day Nail Art 2

And since this is also ever so St. Patrick’s Day-ey I have a great link-up below where you can see more festive manis.

OPI Starlight Collection Nail Art

OPI Starlight & Preen.MeI’m back with all my OPI Starlight Collection Nail Art! You can check out the individual swatches in last week’s post. I tried a few different things out including this from a couple of weeks ago. And here we go!

OPI Ro-man-ce On the Moon and Guys & Galaxie Nail Art

I’ll start with  my favorite nail art. I made the ever-so-light (and almost fail) gradient with OPI Guys & Galaxies and OPI Ro-man-ce On the Moon. It looks like shading, but it’s actually the gradient.

OPI Starlight Collection Nail ArtBut then I added some nail vinyls to create a silver strip with OPI Is This Star Taken? And added a honking huge rhinestone. Looks like it’d be great for a night out with a fancy black dress.

OPI Starlight Collection Nail Art 2

The rhinestone’s didn’t last though, which is a bummer. I have a hard time with those little bits. The vinyls I used for this look are from that super cheap ten-pack variety set on Amazon (Fringe Guides??). I’m using them up, but the are quite inferior to the standard nail vinyls out there.OPI No More Mr. Night Sky Nail Art

Here’s a nutty one with OPI No More Mr. Night Sky as a base stamped with OPI Is This Star Taken? as well as a white stamping polish (specifically Konad Special White Stamping Polish). I can’t recall where I pulled this image from, but I’m pretty sure I used a stamping plate from my ultra cheap Shany 30 piece stamping set (from Amazon). I think it was $10 for 30 plates. The designs are small but they do fit my fingers and is really worth it to build up your stamping collection if you are short on cash. I think you can order the 100 pack for a few more dollars (really).  
OPI Is This Star Taken Nail Art

Here’s OPI Cel-less-tial Is More sponged over OPI Is This Star Taken? Not so much. I’m not a fan of how this worked out, but it’s nice enough. The glitter is highly texturized which is odd. Eek, what a bad picture of my odd-man-out rounded pointy finger! That nail gets ground naturally down I have to file it flat (and most of my other nails, but that one is the worst!) which gets old after awhile. Does anyone else’s nails file away naturally as much as mine?!

OPI Ro-man-ce On The Moon Nail Art

Loved this one though! OPI Is This Star Taken? stamped over OPI Ro-man-ce On The Moon. The lips were perfect to go with this romantic red polish. This is another Shany plate.

OPI Ro-man-ce On the Moon Nail Art 2

Hope you enjoyed my OPI Starlight Collection Nail Art and ideas to use them for your own nail art!