Sally Hansen Pearl Crush and Insta-Ombre Review

Sally Hansen Pearl Crush and Fuchsia-nistav2

I have a love-hate relationship with Sally Hansen’s trendy releases. By trendy I am referring to the Velvet Texture and Luxe Lace and now the Insta-Ombre and Pearl Crush collections.  I know that some collections have become cult classics like the Foil Nail collection, but more often than not I am excited to bring home the polish and then am disappointed once I try it. Once again, I was really excited about Pearl Crush and even more excited about the Insta-Ombre with it’s promise of easy glitter gradients.  We’ll see how they actually worked out for me.  View Full Post

essie gel setter Top Coat Review

When oh when is the craze over gel-but-actually-just-like-regular-top-coat-but-we’re-going-to-make-you-think-that-its-just-like-gel-and-even-put-it-in-a-black-bottle-to-make-it-seem-like-the-fancy-pants-hybrid-UV-technology-is-going-to-help phase going to end? I think it’s a bunch of carefully crafted marketing mumbo jumbo regarding these hybrid oligomer/photoinitiator non-soak off “gel” polishes, especially when all the brands state that curing them in UV or LED lamps won’t change anything (except Sally Hansen Miracle Gel does make a claim that sunlight does help). I have a feeling these black bottled gel-polishes would do what they’re going to do even if you were hanging out in Alaska in the dead of winter surviving by candle light in the boonies.  Let’s get back to essie which hasn’t even bothered with the black bottle or light claims. I’ve tried out and written an essie gel setter top coat review today. 

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Blue Skittlette

This is my first official skittlette. I am pretty sure I have never posted one before.  Recently I have been hearing about the “mathematics” or “recipes” behind skittle nails, and I really do think that it comes down to a pleasing mixture of a variety of colors, shapes and textures.  So those ladies might be on to something, but I just went with what I had sitting in my untried pile and created along the way.

I stuck to a blue theme but made sure each color was varied to add interest. One true blue and a texture — Essie Lots of Lux; one greyish blue (also a texture) — Zoya PixieDust Nyx and a blue-green duochrome from China Glaze called Sci-Fly By.

Zoya NYX_Essie Lots of Lux_China Glaze Sci-Fly By

Using a base of a basic white polish, I built upon the main blue accent nail. I made sure to make one of the center nails a tie-in to the other colors by doing a tri-colored dotticure.

Blue Skittlette Nail Art View 3

I really like the way this skittlette turned out!  I tried to get pictures in the daylight, but I forgot to do it until too late in the afternoon — all the sparkle from Lots of Lux and NYX, and the blue-green shift of Sci-Fly By stand out far more than in these pictures for a stunning look.

Blue Skittlette Nail Art v2

And here’s the pinnable:

Pinnable Blue Skittlette Nail Art