Purple but actually pink

Recently I had to make a conscientious decision not to use the very last clean fork to dish up the cat’s daily dose of Fancy Feast, and instead use a spoon. I do not know about your household but spoons are never in short supply in our house. Forks though? Always grabbing the very last one with little bits of crumbs on it from the food that has fallen in the drawer since the last time I felt the need to clean it out.  For whatever reason my brain thinks forks are the superior utensil and I always reach for them first, but I should train myself otherwise — case in point the spoon actually worked better than the fork at getting all that cat crack out of the tiny tin.

Maybelline Bleached Neons Ultra Violet

Anyway, I was playing around with my Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons.  I have a giveaway for a whole set coming up in the next couple of week so stay tuned! This is Ultra Violet with some basic polka dots. In the bottle it was purple and then it dried pink.  Fake-out!

Flower Dotticure with L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins

L'Oreal Sexy in Sequins Bottle v2

This has got to be one of my more favorite manicures in awhile. I have seen the flower dotticure all over social media lately as spring approaches and had to try it out myself with a base of L’Oreal Sexy in Sequins. It is ridiculously easy and effective little nail art technique!



Loreal Sexy in Sequins v3



Sexy in Sequins is part of the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Gold Dust Nail Color ollection (swatches courtesy of All Lacquered Up) that debuted as a holiday collection in 2013 — but it is part of the permanent display at the drugstores near me. It went on like a little wonder. One coat looked okay, but the full brilliance was evident with a second thin coat. It is a textured dark purple polish. One layer of top coat still left some texture, but not too much.


OMGhost_Lightening Bottles




For the nail art I added the dotticure flowers using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri OMGhost and Lightening. I tried to make different sized flowers for a little visual appeal.




A second coat of topcoat smoothed out Sexy in Sequins. Here it is!

Loreal Sexy in Sequins Flower Dotticure