Live Love Polish | Mini Haul

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I bought a few polishes from Live Love Polish. There were a couple of Color Clubs on my list and I wanted to try out Femme Fatale.  View Full Post

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Color Club Stamping Plate Review


This is going to be one of the first times I really and truly warn you away from a stamping plate collection. And oddly enough the last poor review I gave was for the Color Club thermal nail polishes.  Color Club is the queen, king, prince and princess of holos with the Halo Hues collection but these plates are a miss.  I’m not even sure a many of you will believe me and my expert testimony despite the pictures (because they aren’t that definitive, to be honest), but I’ll show and tell anyway.  Read on for a comprehensive review and swatches.  View Full Post

Summer Check-In!

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What a fast moving summer!  I’ve been all over the place with vacations, work travel and time with friends.  And dang it if it doesn’t feel weird when a pet or human in the family isn’t hurt or sick.  I’ve slowed down a little bit with posting, but don’t worry, behind the scenes I have all kinds of things cooked up to finish off the year! Read on for my latest nail art and my latest attempts at 1 minute videos.

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Bundle Monster Haul | Stampers, Polish, Plates!

Bundle Monster Weekend Warrior Stamping Polish Review

Nothing to disclose

My first Bundle Monster haul! I can’t believe I said that considering what a juggernaut they are in the nail art world. For my first haul, I bought their newest stamping polish set Weekend Warriors, an older stamping plate set Fuzzy and Ferocious Set 1, two sets of older stampers and a newer double ended and capped clear stamper. I was extremely happy (of course) with the quality of all the items I bought. However, read on for a more detailed review and nail art.  View Full Post