Born Pretty Store Holo Glitter Dust and Chrome Mirror Powder Review

Born Pretty Store Holographic Glitter Powder swatch smackerlacquer

I’ve been playing around with some powders and glitters from Born Pretty Store, some successes and some not so great times with them. Plus, I’m still working on my video tutorial game and have been spending time in that area of my nail art adventures. Read on for pictures, review and video!

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Big Blue Stamper Review

Big Blue Stamper Review smackerlacquer

I finally got my hands on the famous Big Blue Stamper. This monster has been around a little while and is circulating around all of the nail art distributors. It’s a large clear stamper that gained a quick and mighty following. Check out my thoughts on this crystal stamper and stay for some sparkly nail art.

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Color Club Heat Index Review

Color Club Heat Index Review Belly Flop 3

Born Pretty Store products provided for review

The Color Club Heat Index thermal polishes have been out for awhile and I’m so curious to see how well they work. There aren’t too many thermal polishes out on the market and I thought it was exciting to see these. I knew I would buy a couple of these as soon as I saw the first press release. Color changing nail polish for me!

I have only owned one other thermal polish and it fascinated me. It changed a lot, minute by minute, back and forth.  Color Club Heat Index collection has seven thermal polishes with a wide range of colors: orange, pink, purple, green but I only purchased a few. I figured I’d go back for the rest if they worked out.  I bought these Color Club Heat Index polishes from HB Beauty Bar (not affiliated). I’m a big fan of HB Beauty Bar because of their good prices, large selection of polishes, professional marketing and wicked fast shipping.

Color Club Heat Index Review – Diva Fan

The first polish I tried was Color Club Diva Fan. It is a blue to white thermal polish.  The polish is thick and gloppy and required three coats.  Strike one.  Second, it doesn’t change color very easily.  It’s advertised as white when its warm, but the best I got was a light baby blue. I ran my fingers under hot and cold water which resulted in a forced color change, like it wanted to change but didn’t and then…oh okay I’ll change. When the colors changed naturally it was a slow, sloth-like change rather than the quicker switch I was expecting.  Strike two.  And most important I didn’t care for either cool or warm color of the polish. The blue tones weren’t exciting or trendy. Strike three. I am doneskies. I wasn’t able to easily capture a noticeable difference on camera for the hot and cold versions, below is the middle ground color I saw most often.

smackerlacquer Color Club Heat Index Review Diva Fan v3

I applied Color Club Harp On It with a Born Pretty Store nail vinyl. I’m a fan of the Born Pretty Store nail vinyls because they are stickers rather than nail vinyls.  They are nail stencils. Regular nail vinyls aren’t sticky enough for my nails so it’s nice to have these in my drawer.

Color Club Heat Index Review – Belly Flop

I hoped for more with Color Club Belly Flop. This one has the same colors as the other thermal polish I own. Belly Flop is bright purple, almost neon, that changes to a hot pink when warm.  Thankfully, it did a lot better than Diva Fan.  The (cool) purple is squishy and bright and the (warm) pink is a lucious hot pink – both are perfect for summer! It changed colors a bit more readily with both water and my natural body temperature. My hands were pretty warm for these pictures so I had hard time getting the purples to show through because it would change to pink immediately.  I saw quite a bit more purple while going about my daily business.

Color Club Heat Index Review Belly Flop v2

Aren’t these little Aussie animals the cutest? I purchased the Bundle Monster 10-piece Fuzzy and Ferocious, Set 1 stamping plates the other day and I love them.  This stamping plate set has some very unique and detailed images.  I’ve get the emu, koala, kangaroo and wombat, but I’m not sure about the rodent-thing on my pinkie? And yes excuse the water, I was jumping from the bowl of ice water to my camera to capture the purple.

smackerlacquer Color Club Heat Index Review Belly Flop cool

I enjoyed Color Club Belly Flop enough that I went straight into a second look using Born Pretty Store pink stamping polish as well as Born Pretty Store chevron nail stencils. The black polish is just my Cover Girl Diva After Dark, which I am quite fond of as an inexpensive basic black nail polish. I stamped with another image from the Bundle Monster Fuzzy and Ferocious, Set 1 stamping plate collection.

smackerlacquer Color Club Heat Index Review Belly Flop warm

Overall Thoughts

Pass. Except maybe Belly Flop. I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the rest of the collection will be much more like Diva Fan – pastel, thick and poor color changing.  I may be wrong, and perhaps there is another good one in the bunch. Based on what I’ve read around the internet, these are not worth buying. Sorry ladies.

I do however, give Born Pretty Store stamping polishes two thumbs up. Born Pretty Store has many different nail art items for beginners and advanced nail polish lovers. You can save 10% on your order by using my code: QBG10.

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