Pueen Fireworks Festival Stamping Plate | Review and Nail Art

Pueen Celebration Collection Fireworks Festival

INM polishes provided for review

The mother of all stamping plates!

Lately I have been playing around with my Pueen Celebration Collection Fireworks Festival plate. This plate has been out for over a year, but it’s been sitting my nail desk drawer because I was afraid of it. Really I was. It is just so, so big. Its the size of standard piece of printer paper (a little smaller with actual dimensions of 7″ x 9.5″).

Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate Large

I bought it blind, cheaply and unknowingly from a Facebook discounted group buy, I had no idea what I was getting! This is one monstrous, plate. It’s a high quality steel plate with a plastic backing. It also comes in a nice fold-up cardboard carrier that will keep it safe where ever you decide to store. There is one other plate this large that Pueen sells, but otherwise this is a highly unique plate due to its size. That’s a standard circle plate and MoYou London plate sitting with it below. Worth the $20 splurge just to have a plate this size in your collection.

Pueen Fireworks Festival Plate

Pueen bills this as a STAMPING BUFFET and ALL YOU CAN STAMP plate.  I really liked the images although I wouldn’t say they are highly unique in today’s stamping plate world.  Although, when it came out over a year ago the images might have been more special, especially since there are quite a few images reminiscent of watermarbling techniques. Some images flow well into each other, some do not. Most images are large enough for your entire nail, a few are not. There are images of every type on this plate: blocky and flowing, flowers and spirals, geometric and motifs.

Pueen Fireworks Festival Close-Ups

Gallery plates aren’t my favorite because I have difficulty seeing the image translated to my nail and then if I want all my nails duped it’s not the easiest to swipe, grab and place the image identically five times over, but with this large of plate and that many options it’s hard to go wrong. In any case, I think I was quite successful with a few options below. Hope you enjoy them!

INM Casino Royale_Pueen Fireworks Festival

INM Casino Royale_Pueen Fireworks Festival 2

This is INM Out the Door Casino Royale stamped with Pueen Fireworks Festival plate. Love the different images of the flowers; are negative and positive options. INM Casino Royale is a juicy, easy to use red, really a great polish. Stamped with Konad Special White.

Glam Polish Cutie Pox_Pueen Fireworks Festival

Glam Polish Cutie Pox_Pueen Fireworks Festival 2

Glam Polish Cutie Pox has been sitting in my blog pile for ages it feels like. It’s quite the unique pastel-y sparkle glitter bomb. This collection inspired me to watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic on Netflix, which apparently is some sort of cult adult cartoon. I’ll admit to watching one episode I’m glad I did, but I won’t be watching another unless there’s a child in the room, I didn’t get it. Stamped with Konad Special White.

Literary Lacquers Strawberry Ice Cream Soma_Pueen Fireworks Festival 2

Literary Lacquers Strawberry Ice Cream Soma_Pueen Fireworks Festival

Finally, here’s Literary Lacquers Strawberry Ice Cream Soma, a perfect pink holo stamped with Pueen Fireworks Festival plate. This is the second time I’ve blogged about this polish, which is saying something. I did a gradient stamp with my Born Pretty Store polishes — which may or may not have been provided for review, I have a large stash some purchased, some provided–but nonetheless they are great stamping polishes.

That’s it, those are my thoughts on the Pueen Fireworks Festival stamping plate and three nail art looks. Which one is your favorite?

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  • Arathael

    I love all the stamping and polishes here…I have both these plates, have never used them as I was practicing with some of the Born Pretty rectangle plates first…I have the first big Pueen plate displayed at my nail desk…and I just realized that after getting this one for Xmas as requested, I can’t recall right now exactly where it is…uh oh… :O Its gotta be in the nail room somewhere!

    • Oh dang! You better find it! I do really like this plate but it’s ALMOST a gimmick — but a worthy gimmick.

  • I love the look of a gallery plate, but I agree with you – It’s actually much harder to find something you want to use. The MoYou arty gallery plates are gorgeous but I rarely reach for them because my brain needs each design visually separate in order to understand how to use it. LOL. Stupid brain.

  • I am impressed by the results you obtained, the manicures all look fabulous. I usually don’t buy stamping plates with whole images because I simply can not add them on my nails to look good, I prefer the usual small patterns much better!

  • Naked Without Polish

    I’m not a stamper, but I can see how frustrating a plate like this would be.

    • Haha, yeah. It gets easier to use it after awhile, when you start to see where all the images are.

  • imperfectpaint

    I’d find a plate like this quite overwhelming! It has some beautiful designs though that look great on your nails.

    • I think that’s thing why it’s not worth to make this large plates, I like medium sized ones that are big enough to work with but not too much going on.

  • I love this plate so much! Can you believe I have this one and never used it?! I fell in love when I saw it but just have never tried it out. I definitely feel like going home and doing a mani now.