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smackerlacquer indie nail polish collection

Thar she blows! Effort. Lots of efforts’s’s. Swatching on sticks is a close second-least favorite nail related thing to do just behind swatching on my actual nails. 

That’s my indie nail polish collection. Maybe like one or two main streams snuck in there because I swatched a few just to see if I wanted to keep them or not. This does not include my 50 stamping polishes or ~200 mainstream polishes or my stamping plate collection or nail art accessories or top coats and base coats.  I did a quick count and the photo above has about 120-130 swatch sticks. I’ve actually worn most of these, half for double-handed manicure and half probably just swatched on one hand for photos .

(Now that I’m looking at it I missed my whites and blacks. Be back in second.)

Okay yes. So that’s the extra 25 or so polishes. I *thought* my first inventory was closer to 150 indie polishes.

This doesn’t include the 50 or so polishes (mainstream and indie) in my destash bucket for the great Pacific Northwest Polish Lovers group get together this weekend – not to be confused with polish hotdogs or someone with a fetish for nordics in Europe. Nor does it include the six Sweet and Sour Lacquer Catchphrases polishes in the mail (from a destash). Or the 6 Pipe Dream Polish Tie Dye Jellies I’m curious to buy from someone’s destash. I did get rid of about 100 polishes last month (mostly clearance, free “swaps”, dollar store finds). What my friends didn’t take I had them bring to work for the vultures to pick over. Gone, every last bit, down to the bone. Although I did get the bucket back.

I feel like I could actually destash even more of my collection, but it would involve some major detachment and deep breathing exercises.  Most of what I’ve got in my current destash bucket for this weekend are my second pass polishes and I’m not super excited about getting rid of them, but keeping them is more overwhelming than getting rid of them.  But now I’m down to the collection that’s at hoarding level 10, high level of emotional attachment kind of feelings.

And here’s what I’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks. Mostly watermarbling. Level: Obsessed. Hence the interest in Catchphrases collection and Tie Dye Jellies.

Vapid Pacific Coast Highway watermarble smackerlacquer

One of three Vapids I own. Pacific Coast Highway marbled with Pipe Dream Polish Atrement. Over white. Meh. The Vapid is great with the water but too lightly pigmented for any fun. I thought about getting the rest just because I really like PCH as a regular polish; I saw a schmedium set for sale in a destash for $45 shipped. Almost. But not quite. I also really want to pull the trigger on the Vapid The Candy Shop Collection, but the colors look way too similar to the Pretty Serious Pastel Pets I bought a few weeks ago. Except I bet they watermarble a lot better.  The Pastel Pets are nice polishes though, I’m glad I have them. They definitely fill a nice void in my collection for the section I’ll call “pastel-colors-with-enough-pigment-so-that-they-don’t-all-look-like-shades-of-white.”

ILNP Dream Girl_Cici & Sisi Jumbo Set 6 smackerlacquer

And here’s my sweetie hearts Valentine’s Day look. ILNP Dream Girl is in my top five favorite polishes. Maybe my favorite of all time, but I can’t commit to that right now.  I think this is a Cici & Sisi Jumbo Set 6 design using a Born Pretty Store dark pink and Emily de Molly lavender stamping polish.

Watermarble Coffee_Smackerlacquer

Basically my favorite watermarble I’ve done on my fingers to date. Three Zoyas. Definition of the term “watermarbled like a dream.” I did have to try a few different Zoya browns to get them all to work this seamlessly, so not all Zoya browns are just gonna do this stripey awesomeness, btw.

Pepperpot Polish Twyla Pickett stamping smackerlacquer

Twyla Pickett from Pepperpot Polish is a darling nude. I added an It Girl Nail Art stamped design using a teeny tiny mini from Formula X of a goldish-rose color. Good-bye Formula X.  I hated the double cap design anyway.  Plus, the inner caps must be faulty because three of the five FX’s I have dried out almost to the point that thinner didn’t save them.

China Glaze Electric Nights Watermarble_smackerlacquer

Lastly, Watermarble Wars with China Glaze Electric Nights collection. Watermarble rating: shitty. Maybe when they were brand new and full of the good watermarble chemicals, but now they don’t watermarble for shit. They spread oddly and drag miserably and the final design is way thin on pigment. I even added some thinner and that helped some but not nearly enough.

That’s it! Til next time. I’m up to 96 hours studying for my professional engineer license. Only two more months to go and then I can do nails, nails, nails, nails. I really do miss it.

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  • A rainbow of happiness 🙂 Beautiful collection 🙂

  • Cat

    It’s so fun to peek into another nail polish addict’s stash… just when you think YOU are the worst collector, boom: someone else out there has a few more bottles than you!! Your nail art is just lovely, too. Thanks for this creative post! <3