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LiveLovePolish smackerlacquer

I bought a few polishes from Live Love Polish. There were a couple of Color Clubs on my list and I wanted to try out Femme Fatale. 

Full disclosure all the links on this page are affiliate links, however I did buy these polishes outright, full price with my own money. In the year that I’ve been a Live Love Polish affiliate I’ve earned a whopping $3.06 in affiliate funds. This article isn’t an income earner, it’s just something to blog about and share my love of polish.

Live Love Polish Review

Live Love Polish is a multi-brand online nail polish distributor. For the most part, you can find more popular, higher end indie brands on their site.  They tend to promote fancy exclusives, which can be fun finds.  A lot of people aren’t too supportive of the glamour shot, heavily photoshopped swatches, so be wary of what you buy based on just Live Love Polish photos. I always look at several swatch photos on Google regardless. The packaging is really pretty and done well, if that helps. Shipping is free at $40.

In the depths of the nail polish obsessive world, we tend to shy away from Live Love Polish because you can almost always find polish cheaper from other distributors.  Plus Live Love Polish rarely has sales. If I’m in the market to buy certain mix of polishes that I can’t get all at once from another distributor I’ll bite, just like I did for this haul.  I could have purchased two color clubs (not these exact ones, there was no French Tip white) and the two specific Femme Fatales, plus a couple of Hit the Bottle stamping polishes I’ve been stalking for just a few dollars more from Ouch. So. You win some, you lose some. Definitely shop around with other vendors before clicking “buy” from Live Love Polish.

Mini Haul

I finally purchased Color Club French Tip just to see what all damn hype was about. It’s definitely pigmented, but it’s also really goopy. I’ll be adding polish thinner to my bottle.  As for use as a french manicure white tip, I greatly prefer my Essie Marshmallow and Zoya Naked Manicure versions.  The flip side is French Tip is a bad ass white stamping polish.

Color Club Halo Hues sit close to my heart and remain my all time favorite holo polishes. They stamp amazingly and you’ll see Color Club Crystal Baller used below in my nail art.

I’ve been looking after Femme Fatales for awhile now and finally decided to treat myself to a couple. Both of these polishes are from the Welcome to Mars Collection. Femme Fatale 2084 is neutral base with shimmery red throughout, great for work and goes really well with my pasty white skin. I also bought Femme Fatale Venusville which is a thermal – cold is red, warm is a cream; with holo glitter. You can just see the red leaning thermal at the top of my finger for Venusville in my nail art below and honestly I almost never saw the thermal turn red on my fingers unless I ran them under cold water.  It was a hot couple of days, so that could have been it. Except the few other thermals I’ve owned have changed often on my fingers naturally with my body temperature changes.

LiveLovePolish collage smackerlacquer

Nail Art

I sneaked in all four of the polishes I bought from Live Love Polish into my nail art look. Femme Fatale 2084 is the neutral base, Femme Fatale Venusville is that sparkly goodness as an accent. Then I stamped a gradient with the Color Club French Tip and Color Club Crystal Baller.

LiveLovePolish Femme Fatale Venusville 2084 nail art smackerlacquer

LiveLovePolish Femme Fatale Venusville 2084 smackerlacquer

And here’s a bonus look I shared on Instagram but I won’t write a whole post for it.

smackerlacquer stamping

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