It Girl Nail Art Creme Stamping Polish Review

It Girl Nail Art Stamping Polish Review collage smackerlacquer

It Girl Nail Art Creme Stamping Polish review and swatch. It Girl Nail Art has released their first full set of creme stamping polishes and they are da-shiznit. I’ve been playing non-stop with these little guys and I’m very happy to show them off for you. 

It Girl Nail Art Plates IG117, IG308 and IG307 Review

I’m going to start with a quick overview of It Girl Nail Art’s most recent plates.

  • IG117 is a regular full size plate with various art deco designs
  • IG307 is a mini gallery plate with delicate plant and flower outlines
  • IG308 is a mini double gallery plate with flowers in one image and wispies in the other

The mini gallery plates have been troublesome for me to get perfect pick ups due to thin lines. With time and some quick action I was able to pull up several flawless images. Work quickly, my friend, work quickly. 

The larger plate, IG117, is amazing. These images are fun and, as always, originally designed and made in America. My favorite is the teardrop/peacock thingy image.

NOTE: the green in the lower right image is NOT Spearmint. It is Marina, a prototype not for sale.

It Girl Nail Art IG117 IG307 IG308 review smackerlacquer

It Girl Nail Art Creme Stamping Polish Review

The six new cremes are all spring pastels:

  • Peony – Cool Pink
  • Coral – Warm Pink/Coral
  • Spearmint – Minty Green
  • Sky – Bright Light Blue
  • Wisteria – Bright Light Purple
  • Pommelo – Bright Yellow

Keep on scrolling to see each polish over black and white bases and with top coat. I’ve also included a couple swatches of other It Girl Nail Art plates using these polishes – with gradients and such.

The pigmentation on these creme polishes is unreal. Check them out over black polish (insert scream face emoji!). They have a mid-range drying time frame and I picked up flawless image after flawless image. No issues at all with my standard high quality stamping plates.

For these swatches I used any one of my number stampers, just to make sure they all worked. I tended to have the least luck with clear jelly stampers and the best luck with my Creative Shop Stamper.

It Girl Nail Art Peony Coral Spearmint stamping polishes review smackerlacquer It Girl Nail Art Sky Wisteria Pommelo stamping polishes review smackerlacquer

On the left are a few extra designs I did. On the right are swatches over black with Seche Vite top coat.

It Girl Nail Art stamping polishes review smackerlacquer

And oooohhh girl. I accomplished this gradient on the back of It Girl Nail Art stamping plates. I blended the colors freehand and picked it up with my Big Bling Stamper look alike. The bigger the stamper the more nails you can stamp – I got THREE nails done with one gradient pick up.

It’s definitely an advanced technique . You’ll need to have a feel for thickness, number of scrapes and drying time. It needs to be just the right thickness and then dried for a few seconds so that your stamper doesn’t smush it like its wet.  So yeah…it worked great for me but I’m not sure everyone will have success with it. If anyone wants a better tutorial of this process, let me know in the comments.

It Girl Nail Art stamping polishes gradient smackerlacquer


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