Checking in – I’m still here!

*Zero makeup selfie in the Pacific Northwest rain for attention* Don’t mind that jerk in the background, he clearly is too high and mighty for a selfie and wants none of it. 

 Note: The links in this post are not affiliate links, just thought I’d pass along the ease of showing off what I bought without having to do the dreaded swatch and photograph circus routine.

I haven’t blogged in what…a month? As far as nail polish goes I’ve been painting my nails and taking some photos, but my buying habits are still….somewhat impressive.  The most exciting and most important: after some hunting and several bid attempts I bought Vapid Cyberpunk in a Facebook auction for $30. I have never paid more than retail price for a polish so this was a stretch for me. Plus, I’ve been overwhelmed with my collection, destashing a lot and trying to be “less is more” regarding my polish.  I originally skipped it because I wasn’t in the mood to buy a $15 polish at the time, plus it doesn’t photograph at 1/10th of its actual beauty and I thought it looked a lot like Vapid Spellcaster, which I own and isn’t my favorite.

I could have gone on in complete bliss of *not* owning Cyberpunk if it weren’t for the fact that a good friend (Nicole, from It Girl Nail Art) had bought it and I tried it and then it felt like my life was over if I didn’t have it.  My next post will hopefully be all about Cyberpunk, but for now all I have is the bottle shot.  It’s dark and rainy today so this is a flash photo, but to be real it looks like this even in the darkness and dreariness of today’s weather – my DSLR just didn’t have enough light to make it happen without a flash.

I did this a couple of weeks ago, except I’m not sure how cringeworthy it is with all my janked up nail lengths and shapes 😉 I stamped with my brand new It Girl Nail Art Coral stamping polish (blogger discount) using image Pueen Marble Paradise 01 plate that I also purchased in the last month. It Girl Nail Art really has some great creme stamping polishes and I cannot wait until she launches her super secret product that’s in development – no pressure chica, no pressure.

It Girl Nail Art Coral stamping polish smackerlacquer

The base is an old China Glaze polish that I really don’t remember the name (?) and I topped it with my brand new ILNP Rosewater. Oooooh girrrrllll, look at Rosewater sparkle so effortlessly! My bottle’s a little thick, so as a topper it needs a slight thinning, but it looked beautiful over this bright blue. Full strength, two coats on it its own it reminds me a bit of the baby sister to Vapid Cyberpunk – glittery and holo in all lights and angles with that pinky shift.

Pueen Watermarble Plate smackerlacquer

I also bought the Limited Edition, much hyped Unicorn Pee – ILNP The Magician (which appears to still be available as I write this) I suppose I could have lived without The Magician, I already have Baroness X Sir Cockricorn and Vulcan, also famous Unicorn Pee polishes–which I haven’t used on anything more than a swatch stick–but after missing out and desperately regretting buying Vapid Cyberpunk I refused to deal with the mental anguish of not having the latest “must have” polish.

Plus I added ILNP Ballet Slipper to my cart but I should have bought Aria instead of Ballet Slipper.  I like Ballet Slipper, but it’s a little on the delicate side for my tastes and too close to my ultimate favorite ILNP Dream Girl.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the consumer/Facebook/non-profesh blogger photos, but Aria has an UNREAL holo effect, so sad too bad for me it will be awhile before I put in another ILNP order.

Other than that I’m still busting out hours and hours of studying for my professional engineering practical exam, four weeks left to go. I’m getting nervous but I feel like I’ll be as prepared as I possibly can be when test day rolls around.  I know the  material (+8 fatty textbooks), I know the equations (hundreds) and I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m smart enough to figure out the questions on the test 😐

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