Cici & Sisi Acrylic Stamping Plate Review


I finally have my first acrylic plates to review for you!  Cici & Sisi is the first brand that I know to release acrylic plates, although I believe there are some Chinese companies pumping them out now. I was really curious how well they would stamp, if they were actually acetone resistant and if there were any other benefits in acrylic plates. Read on to find out more about these new fangled plates.   View Full Post

Color Club Stamping Plate Review


This is going to be one of the first times I really and truly warn you away from a stamping plate collection. And oddly enough the last poor review I gave was for the Color Club thermal nail polishes.  Color Club is the queen, king, prince and princess of holos with the Halo Hues collection but these plates are a miss.  I’m not even sure a many of you will believe me and my expert testimony despite the pictures (because they aren’t that definitive, to be honest), but I’ll show and tell anyway.  Read on for a comprehensive review and swatches.  View Full Post