Nail Polish Blogger Nail Care Secrets


Have you every wondered how all of the fabulous nail polish bloggers keep their nails pristine and beautiful? I’m here to share some secrets, advice, tips, tricks and favorite products of many of your favorite nail bloggers.  Get ready to make your nails beautiful!  View Full Post

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Insider’s Guide to Nail Blogging: Building Your Website

Insider's Guide to Nail Blogging Building Your Website smackerlacquer

I’m continuing the techy talk in this week’s Insider’s Guide to Nail Blogging. Today we’re talking a bit more about the nuts and bolts of running your blog. This article is more helpful for self-hosted sites, but everyone should find something useful here.  I collaborated with many other bloggers for this series – read about their blogs and top tips on the intro page.  Today’s article covers themes, page load speed, Google Analytics and plug-ins.

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Nail Blogging – Web Hosted or Self Hosted?

Nail Blogging Web Hosted or Self Hosted

There’s a big decision to make when you start a blog. Will your nail blog be a web hosted or self hosted site?  There are advantages and disadvantages for each.  Just like last week, I’ve teamed up with several fantastic bloggers to give you the best advice. Check out the intro post with their bios and best nail blogging tips!  Also be sure to read last week’s article Picking a Nail Blog Name, there are fantastic insider tips on picking a name. Plus great advice on purchasing a domain.

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Insider’s Nail Blogging Guide: Nail Blog Name

smackerlacquer picking a nail blog name

Hello and welcome to smackerlacquer! This is my first post for my new series Insider’s Guide to Nail Blogging. The very first thing you’ll have to do when starting out is figuring out your nail blog name. Then you’ll have to decide to buy your domain and how.

I’m happy to announce I’m collaborating with many other established nail bloggers for this series.  On the intro post you’ll find short bios of those that have shared their insider knowledge, tips and tricks. You can also find their blog information at the end of the article.  Read on for tips and advice from this fantastic and talented group about picking your blog name and buying your domain.  View Full Post

Insider’s Guide to Nail Blogging: Getting Started

smackerlacquer Insider's Guide to Nail Blogging

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I’m launching something new here on smackerlacquer: a nail polish blogging guide.  There’s so much going on behind the scenes in every direction.  It can be very overwhelming in the beginning.  At least that’s how I felt for my first year of blogging.  (Pro tip: it doesn’t stop!)

Yes, of course, a blog can be started in a matter of minutes for free.  Snap a few pictures with your phone, badda bing badda boom and you’re in business…right? Some of you may love the simplicity of that, but I know many more of you want more out of your blog. I know I did and still do. I started a blog and kept on blogging because I genuinely love the creating-sharing aspect of it. I quickly figured out the professional-style blog I wanted was going to be a lot of work.  I wasn’t willing to deal with all that if no one was going to pick up what I was putting down.

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