LipSense Ingredients – Decoded

My friend is a distributor of SeneGence products and she occasionally receives questions about LipSense ingredients. It is a more unusual formula, so I can appreciate the concern. I have a professional background in hazardous materials, so she asked me to have a crack at explaining the safety of cosmetics.  View Full Post

Sunscreen: 10 Things You Need to Know

It’s that time of year – time to beef up my sunscreen routine! On my recent Sephora shopping binge, I threw Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit in the cart as a bit of an impulse. When it arrived, I was surprised to find it was loaded with more deluxe (extra deluxe in some cases) samples than the image online showed. As I began to test out the products, I started to look into the ingredients and I ended up in a rabbit hole of information. I will have my full Sephora Sun Safety Kit review up soon, so be on the look out! Here are my top ten facts (and myths) about sunscreen.

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Ingredient Disclosure for Nail Polish — What you should know!

Did you know that there are no exceptions to disclosing ingredients to consumers regarding nail polish?  Sellers are legally required to clearly state the ingredients for consumers on the package  I have noticed that most indie cosmetic sellers do not disclose ingredients properly or not at all, but is it that big of a deal? Most of the time no.  Sometimes yes.

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DIY Crayon Lipstick: Do you really want to put that on your lips?

Have you seen that popular DIY crayon lipstick project floating around the internet? I suppose…how could you not, it is everywhere. If you need a reminder go watch this video about making it. Ignore the dopey intro of an adult scribbling and pouting about wanting to re-use the broken crayons…quite strange. Anyway, the crayon lipstick actually works out pretty nicely from all I have seen. My husband is the dish and kitchen mess police in our house, so I didn’t try it myself. I still think it’s easier and cheaper to buy Wet’n Wild colored lipstick or something else at the drugstore – each to her own.

I found there are two camps of thought out there regarding the intelligence and safety of this DIY crayon lipstick:

Crayons are non-toxic, eco-friendly, lead-free bunny goodness! and

Don’t you dare put a non-cosmetic product on your lips! You never know what you’re getting!

At first I set out to provide additional and detailed information about the stupidity of putting crayons on your lips, but it didn’t turn out that way. I came to my conclusions by digging into the children’s arts and crafts safety regulations, which I haven’t seen any one else write about yet.

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11 Not So Terrifying Facts about Makeup

I love all of the nail polish and makeup Facebook groups I follow – the wide range of talent, product information, trends, etc., it is fun to keep up with it all. However, every so often something is posted that makes me cringe. Shame on Buzzfeed for creating this garbage in the first place.

Check out my post on how to do basic research for exactly this kind of article (or video). Google is definitely not the end-all-be-all source of information, but it at least gives you a general idea of other opinions out there that might make a lot more sense or are from a more reliable source. (p.s. I love Buzzfeed, just not for science information).

Alright then, please go watch the video “11 Terrifying Facts about Makeup” and then come back and read my response!

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