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2X Super Chip Resistance official feature

There’s an all-new nail polish long wear product in town and I’ve got all the details, so let’s take a closer look at 2X Super Chip Resistance to see what it is and how it works. 

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What is 2X Super Chip Resistance?

Directly from their website:

2X is a lavender-infused clear coating that prevents most nail polish from chipping for an extended period of time.  2X dries very quickly so it won’t add any time to your manicure.  It does not make removing your nail polish more difficult.

Apply a thin coating of 2X to clean nails and then apply your polish and topcoat as you normally would.  Once the polish is dry, apply one final thin coat of 2X on top and your spectacular long-lasting manicure is set to go.

2X has been proven to double the life of most nail polishes.

Does 2X Super Chip Resistance Work?

The short answer:  Yes, I believe 2X helps prevent chips – but “doubling wear” is hard to pin down as proven theory.

It most noticeably prevented chipping of my polishes when I was wearing known “chippers” or unprotected color polish.  With the brands that I know don’t last on my nails, 2X definitely prevented chipping.  I can now wear a couple of brands that I was previously not able to wear as base coats because they chipped within hours of doing my nails, if I use 2X.  Using it with my preferred base and top coats with a polish that works well with my body chemistry I didn’t notice as big of a difference.

2X also works much better when my nails are properly prepped: scrubbed with soapy water as well as wiped with a nail cleaner like isopropyl alcohol or CND Scrub.

Also, when I used 2X I saw less of that dreaded shrinkage that many quick dry top coats cause. The tips seemed to hold up better in general.  Normally I try to take my photos within an hour, otherwise tip wear and shrinking affect the tips. When I used 2X I realized I could wait a few hours before I took my photos because it kept my nail polish looking super duper perfect a little longer.

2X Super Chip Resistance Wear Test

Normally, if I wear a color polish with no base or top coat it lasts about a day before I scramble to remove it and all it’s miserably chippy-ness. I’m hard on my hands. I use my nails to pick and scrape things.  I type a good portion of the day, I don’t wear gloves when I do dishes or other water activities and I take long hot showers.  All which ruin polish wear time. Your wear time and issues with nail polish may differ.

I used Essie I’m So Addicted because Essie is a middle of the road wear-length for me. I went four full days with barely much more than some miniscule tip wear on my 2X hand. Unfortunately I then spent a day spring-cleaning the house and it chipped. Still, that’s quite a ride considering it was plain polish on bare nails and no protective topcoat.

In general, I thought my 2X hand looked better all week compared to my “control” hand (with my regular routine of base and top coat) even if these photos don’t quite show that.  My control hand ended up only slightly more chipped and those chips appeared earlier.

2X Super Chip Resistance Day 5 Wear Test

I also wanted to test a polish I knew to chip quite intensely within hours of application. I love SuperChic polishes for their stamping polish ability, but I get zero wear out of them as base coats because they chip MASSIVELY within hours. To get a full 24 hours of wear out of  a nail art look using those expensive polishes made me very happy.

2X Super Chip Resistance heavy chipping wear test

What is 2X Super Chip Resistance like?

2X is a different quick dry formula than I’ve seen before.  Most quick dry products are mineral oil based and they’ve never ever worked for me.

2X is not a topcoat. It is not a base coat. Think of something like rubbing alcohol – it evaporates once applied and does not interfere with existing polish. It left behind just a smidge of an oily residue, but that was easily washed off.

Is 2X Super Chip Resistance Safe?

This is a thoroughly tested and branded product by a real chemist and product developer.

The smell might be troublesome for people that are sensitive. It’s an “industrial” scent but not strong or pervasive.  Immediately after I applied 2X I can smell a whiff of it if my hands are near my face. Once I wash my hands with soap and water there is no trace of the smell in the room or on my hands.

How do you use 2X Super Chip Resistance?

It’s very simple. Apply it to your bare nail after cleaning and prepping your nails. Apply your base coat (or not), color polish and topcoat (or not) as normal. After 1 minute of drying, apply another coat of 2X over the top coat. Sometimes I waited a little longer than a minute to apply 2X because my topcoat wasn’t set. I notice that my nails can take an additional 5-10 minutes to dry when I used 2X. After my nails dry I wash them with soap and water to remove any residue and bingo-presto I was ready to go for the day.

Final Thoughts

I liked 2X Super Chip Resistance and it worked well for me. I use 2X in my routine when I know my nails will be painted for a longer period of time. 2X is also great when I work with with a known “chipper.” So, overall I’m glad I have it and will continue to use it.

2X Super Chip Resistance is available for $5.99 plus shipping at 2xnails.com.  You can follow 2X on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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