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Greetings from the land of the nail polished obsessed.  My nail accounts have been a bit lonely lately — I’ve a little extra busy with work travel, vacations and enjoying the fine weather.  The rain and clouds finally arrived here in the fine Pacific Northwest so I’m back inside again and polishing away.  Today I’ve decided to share with you my favorite nail polish of the year but the really story is actually my review of the Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening kit.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system was sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

(victory trumpet sound effect) Just imagine this in your head please.

I present to you my favorite polish in all lands for 2017 and I’m sorely disappointed that it is a Limited Edition polish from Different Dimensions from the Road to Polish Con called Odysesy II. I have no idea what Odessy I looked like, but this bright neon barbie pink neon did me in. Easily. Hands down my favorite polish this year.

I happened to have been wearing Odyssey II the night I worked on creating the my Smile Brilliant mouth moulds. (see blue mould below)

The deal is, Smile Brilliant sends you the mold making kit (and all of the whitening gel), you make the mold of your teeth (really awkward, but really easy), and you return the molds to them so they can create personal teeth trays.

Then you put small amounts of the whitening gel in the trays and pop it in your mouth for an hour. It fits so snuggly and tightly in my mouth I didn’t even know it was there.

It’s really easy guys, really easy.

Here’s a really big close up of my face and teeth, exhibit 1 below. Obviously my teeth aren’t all that yellowed but I have been interested in brightening them up a bit (coffee and tea drinker here).

I did five sessions using the whitening gel, ramping up from 30 minutes for the first two times and then a full hour for the last few which is recommended for sensitive teeth. I gotta admit guys, my teeth did not handle it well. I’ve always had intense sensitivity from the strips you can buy at the drugstore, so if you don’t experience issues with those products you’ll be good with Smile Brilliant as well.

The sensitivity wasn’t that bad and I knew it was normal and safe, but it was uncomfortable. It’s a strong whitening product after all. The good news is the Smile Brilliant kits also come with Desensitizing Gel.

After whitening, I cleaned my trays and put the desensitizing gel in them and put the trays in my mouth for about twenty minutes. I know this made a big difference because I tried whitening without this extra step once and the sensitivity was much more noticeable. But alas, after five sessions I was still experiencing some sensitivity even with the extra gel, whitening every few days for shorter periods, and brushing with Sensodyne.  So I called it quits even though I had loads of whitening and desensitizing gel left (it goes a long way folks!!).

I would imagine I am a bit of an outlier with my sensitivity issues. I’ve read quite a few other reviews and talked to several of my coworkers and friends that have used the system with no issues whatsoever.

So what were my results? For science purposes this was five treatments, approximately 4 hours of whitening total. If you don’t have sensitive teeth like I do, you can leave the trays in for a lot longer than an hour and get more whitening effect per use than I did.

As you can see my results are…not outrageous, but I do see a good half shade brighter, lessening of yellowing on my upper teeth. When I look at my smile in the mirror there’s a definite yellow tinge that’s gone. The brightness is a lot more apparent in reality than these photos, by the way. And the most noticeable change is my lower teeth – I’d say a solid  two shades brighter where the whitening gel worked away at those more noticable built up stains.

All in all, I can really appreciate this product. I was really excited to try it to see if it worked for me. It really is easy – the kits and online instructions explain everything perfectly. I even used the Smile Brilliant chat function for a quick clarification and they got back to me right away with the answer.

If you’re looking for an economical way to brighten your teeth, because you spend all your free cash on nail polish, I highly recommend you take a look at Smile Brilliant system.

You can save 10% off your purchase using my affiliate code: smackerlacquer10.

And here’s a nice photo of me smiling, just to show you what I look like put together and my teeth whitened, also standing next to my husband on an ocean pier. Cheers ladies!

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